The Beej framework

Our Vision

To create an Artiste - Versatility & Aesthetics blended with Talent & Tradition

BEEJ (BEEJAM in Sanskrit) means Seed. As how a seed requires good nourishment to sprout and grow into a sturdy crop, metaphorically, a student requires a Distinctive Arts Program that would prepare the student on the musical endeavor to graduate steadily from a Novice to a Budding Artiste to be a successful Professional.

We believe that in order for musical learning to be holistic, we need to seed Discernment, Culture, Appreciation, Expression and Sensitivity & Poise.

Establish Musiometry™ as the Global Evaluation System for Indian Music

Musiometry™, MM is a computer based evaluation to calibrate musical acumen. Aural and vocal skills are the core musical skills to develop a strong musical temperament.

Our students are exposed to a series of listening music sessions as a part of Ear Training to not only understand the basic nature and form of Indian music but also to appreciate the highly complex patterns than merely marvel.

Create an aspirational brand value for Indian Classical Music by conducting and promoting Indian Music Festivals


Promote Indian music as a preeminent form of melodic music

India developed the Raga System, or the scale system which is the foundation for melodic structures. As a land of diverse culture and history way back to the Indus valley civilization, India had a plethora of poet -composers from various regions with rich ideas threaded in philosophy with eloquence of their native tongue.

The musical compositions were by and large, vocal-centric and lyric based and the music itself evolved from era to era, refining and imbibing what is logical, useful and musical. The music, though much ancient, was coined as Carnatic Music or the South Indian Music and the co inage is of recent origin. However, Carnatic music is yet to make headway to popular music globally since the genre itself was widely thought as a liturgical form, and to be performed only during Hindu occasions and festivals.

The following are the core objectives of any learning program at Beej

Beej aims to teach the Indian Ragas, as a structured musical learning program for everyone to understand the musical system and apply it as simply as possible.

Indian Classical music, be it Carnatic or Hindustani, is naturally impromptus. A same song can be sung in different subtle styles by various artistes and is highly mood variant. It’s a hard fact that one needs to understand Indian music to appreciate what an Artiste performs on the stage.

Beej instills in the aspirants what’s what of the Indian melody; to understand the grandeur of the composition, the language employed therein, the musicality and rendition; to distinguish Kalpita (Taught) and Kalpana (Creative) elements of performing arts, which culminates an evolved taste to appreciate Indian Classical Music.

Indian Classical Music is not about just learning songs and building repertoire. More than that, it’s an academic discipline to nurture the faculties for improving the core learning abilities such as the Analytical, Mathematical, Creative and Retentive.

Beej Academy’s unique pedagogy offers a broader vision on learning Indian melody with an integrated curriculum encompassing Tradition, Language and Culture.


  • Advisory Board & Management

    Padma Shri S.R.Janakiraman, Musicologist

    Dr. G Sankaranarayanan, Professor & Researcher (Sanskrit)

    Dr. Bhagavati Sundari, Professor (Academic, Chemistry)


    Mrs. Priya Srinivasan, Director, Beej Academy

    Mrs. Krithika Bala, Director, Beej India

  • Artistes / Associates

    Mr. M. Pravin Kumar, Keyboard progammer

    Mr. Kishore, Sitar & Sarod

    Mr. D. Vaithyanathan, Strings & Music Arranger

    Mr. P C Soundar, Rhythms & Hand Percussion

    Swetha Sriram, Carnatic Vocalist / Playback Singer

    Janani Rajan, Carnatic Vocalist / Playback Singer

    Shruti Vandana, Carnatic Vocalist / Playback Singer

  • Media Partners

    Gstudio Animations Pvt Ltd Stoppress Communications WAVS Audio Labs



A senior disciple of (Padma Shri) S.R. Janakiraman, a renowned musicologist from India, Gokul is an accomplished musician – Carnatic Vocalist, Violinist, Flautist and an Independent Music composer. He is B- High Graded Artiste of All India Radio, Chennai and a software engineer by qualification, and currently a full time performing and teaching musician.

Gokul got trained in Violin under several eminent Gurus such as Shri V.Thyagarajan, violinist-son of Sangita Kalanidhi Papa Venkatramiah, Sangita Kalanidhi A. Kanyakumari, Smt Usha Rajagopalan (Of Lalgudi School), Shri Parur Venkatraman (Parur School) and from Shri V.V.Ravi as a recipient of CCRT scholarship from Govt. of India. Besides winning several music competitions at both regional level and National level, Gokul was awarded the RR Talent Scholarship from The Music Academy, Madras to pursue advanced training in Vocal music.

Gokul has also studied western classical and continues to explore & experiment on various playing styles and genres in both vocal and violin. He has released several classical and fusion albums under the record label INRECO (Indian Recording Company) and selective albums are available on the digital library of Esplanade, Singapore.