AIM: Accelerated Indian Music

Vocal | Violin | Flute

About the Program

AIM is an intense 4-tier Learning Program on Indian Music, currently offered on Vocal, Violin & Flute.

The Course Table illustrates the AIM program structure. Students are admitted at Foundation level and graduate to the next level upon successful completion of each level of Certification.

Course Table
Kalpa - 3 Years Kushal
Dwara I, II, III 3 Years Vijnya Abhijnya Daksha
Antara I, II, III 3 Years Pravin Pragalbh Nipuna
Shikara I, II 2 Years

Training Methodology

  • BEEJ’s Three Fold Training, TFT : Musiometry™, Practical & Theory

    TFT has been developed over a period of 20 years with constant improvisations on various teaching approaches and methodologies to bring out the best of every student that pursues Indian music. Since it is a performing art, TFT aims to not only impart musical education but also to discipline the mind and build strength of character through patience, practice and perseverance. The student is groomed musically to ascribe the aesthetic sense, appreciation of good music and reverence to the legendary Saints, Musicians & Artistes who contributed to the development of Carnatic Music.


    A composite theoretical background is a must to enhance the learning and to provide a holistic approach on the performing art and to develop an aesthetic outlook and conviction. .

    Applied Theory focusses on the Lakshana Sangraha Saramsa – The various theories that govern the Carnatic music framework, the Classification & Categorization of Raga, Tala, Sahitya (akin to Melody, Rhythm & Lyrics) and the practical use of theoretical concepts in Creative Singing.

    Besides that, this learning component prepares the student to understand our rich Indian Culture and Tradition, familiarize Sanskrit through assorted musical treatises and slokas, short history on Indian music and on the legendary composers and various developments in Carnatic music and evolution of several styles of singing/ playing.

  • AURAL :

    This training mainly focuses on developing a strong musical sensitivity and acumen through a series of structured musically immersive exercises that emphasize on various aspects of learning such as Ear training to develop.

    • Responsiveness to Pitch alignment
    • Ability to Identify & Construct melodic patterns;
    • Identify Lyrical meters (Chandas)
    • Basic, Complex & Compound Time Signatures
    • Understanding the Rhythmic structures & Percussion Grooves

    The key aspect of this training is to build a standard repertoire and to Render or Play at a competent level on both Kalpita & Kalpana marga of rendition.

    The curriculum aims to cover an average of 500 compositions covering the following

    • Lakshana & Lakshya Gitams
    • Varnams (Includes Adi, Ata & Other Talas in Tamil, Telugu & Sanskrit)
    • Krithis ( Regular & Thematic Musical Compositions of all revered Vaggeyakara – Music Composers of South India)
    • Tamil Isai ( Thirupugazh, Thevaram, Thiruvasagam, Prabandham)
    • Thillanas
    • Javali & Padam
    • Complex Pallavis

    The student at advanced levels undergoes an intense training on the following

    • Understanding the Melodic Structures for different types of Compositions
    • Improvisation Methodologies on a Melodic Structure in different Modes
    • Elaboration Techniques on Non lyrical Melodic phrases; Swara Prasthara & Free style verses
    • Extemporization of a given Melody subject to the format of composition and aesthetics
    • Creation of a new melodic structure based on the Lyrics and its entailing mood

AIM Supplementary

AIM curriculum includes 2 Beej Booster Classes (3 days, 2hr/day) and 2 Workshops (1 day, 3hr/day) every Academic year (Jan – Dec) for all our members to enrich the musical experience and out of the box learning for holistic development.

Beej offers performance opportunities to promising batch students in our Events (Categorized)

  • Chamber Concerts (In-house Events)
  • Beej UTSAV Live Series on YouTube
  • Beej Digital Productions
  • Public Performances (Non Profit/ Temple Events)
  • Commercial Events / Music Festivals

Tuition Structure and Fee

SCHEDULE Weekly Session (4 Lessons / Month)

STRENGTH 4- 5 Students in a Batch


MODE Centre Based / Online

INSTRUCTION TYPE Group Lesson for Beginners
One on One Session for Adults (Enrolled in Executive Programme)

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Our Key Features

  • Course Structured on Learning Objectives
  • Performance Based Training
  • Musiometry™ Assessment
  • Innovative Teaching Aids for Violin & Flute
  • Online Student Portal for practice
  • Exclusive Training on Aural Development

Beej Regulations

  • Monthly Fees to be paid on or before 7th of every month.
    A late fee of $10 applicable to Fees paid after 7th of the month. In order to avoid such delays, Parents are requested to setup GIRO payments. Forms can be collected at the Centre.
  • Parents are not permitted to sit inside while the class is in progress.
  • Unauthorized recording or video shooting in not allowed in Class.
  • Centre will remain closed on Fifth Week (29, 30 & 31 of all months) and Public Holidays and no make-up lesson would be offered on account of this.
Absenteeism, Prior Leave & Comp Classes

Attendance percentage is 90% & above and should have attended minimum 1 Booster class and participated in 1 event to qualify for annual examination.

A student can obtain free compensatory class for up to 2 leaves and every additional compensation class is chargeable at $25 per class (Individual session).

Beej will offer free compensation class for any change in the regular schedule by the Academy.

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