Beej Membership

Beej Annual Membership is mandatory for all students to enroll for any course and is non-refundable and non-transferable

  • Annual Membership fee is $150 per applicant for each subject
  • Annual Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of registration unless a waiver/ offer is officially issued

Course option under AIM : Accelerated Indian Music

  • All Applicants can apply for maximum two subjects at a time under AIM program
  • All Applicants will be enrolled at the Foundation level of our 4 tier program
  • All Applicants signing up for Instrumental (Violin / Flute/ Keyboard) will also undergo vocal training as a part of the program at the foundation level.
  • Beej offers two modes of learning: Group (Batch of max. 4) & Individual Mode.
  • Potential Applicants may sign up for Individual Lessons to advance their progress

Class functionality / Absenteeism / Prior leave

Class Duration is as follows:

  • 50 minutes for Group of 4 - 5
  • 30 minutes for one attendee in a Group of 4
  • 50 minutes for Individual (Intermediate & for Executive Programmes)

Class missed by the student will not be compensated and no part of the fee will be refunded. However, students going on long leave are requested to inform in advance to schedule their respective make up lessons. Additionally, class missed due to health issues / any school activity or an emergency will be duly compensated at a later slot, based on availability and convenience.

Attendance percentage is 90% & above and the student should have attended minimum 1 Booster class and participated in 1 event to qualify for annual examination. Check our membership benefits!

A student can obtain free compensatory class for up to 2 leaves and every additional compensation class is chargeable at $25 per class (Individual session for 50 minutes)

Membership Benefits

All students will be given an online portal with required Audio files, Video clips and PDF downloads.

AIM curriculum includes 2 Beej Booster Classes (3 days, 2hr/day) and 2 Workshops every Academic year (January – December) for all our members to enrich the musical experience and Out-of-the-box learning. The classes will be held at our Centre in Jurong East.
No compensation class offered if unattended.

Beej offers performance opportunities to promising batch of students in our Events (Categorized)


  •      Chamber Concerts (In-house Events)
  •     Beej UTSAV Live Series on YouTube
  •   Beej Digital Productions
  •   Public Performances (Non Profit/ Temple Events)
  •    Commercial Events / Music Festivals

At Beej, students perform as a Trio or a Quartet and Solo / Duet performance is generally encouraged at Antara & Shikara.

FEE Remittance and General Regulations

  • Monthly Fees to be paid on or before 7th of every month.
    A late fee of $10 applicable to Fees paid after 7th of the month. In order to avoid such delays, Parents are requested to setup GIRO payments. GIRO Forms can be collected at the Centre.
  • Parents are strictly not permitted to sit inside while the class is in progress
  • Unauthorized recording or video shooting in not allowed in Class.
  • Centre will remain closed on Fifth Week (29, 30 & 31 of all months) and for Public Holidays. Kindly note that no make-up lesson would be offered on account of this.
  • Centre will remain closed during June and December. However, Fees must be paid and are not prorated as E-learning through our BEEJ Student Portal will be available throughout the membership period for guided practice at home.